YourWineOpinion is an online community of wine enthusiasts who give their opinions to inform winemakers and wine sellers. Participants share their experiences around wine and wine-related products and ultimately influence the landscape of the industry

As a member of the YourWineOpinion community, you will be invited to participate in short research studies that provide valuable information for wineries and companies that provide wine related products. In exchange for your opinion, you’ll receive cash, gift cards, software products or a copy of the report.

The site is developed and managed by qSample and the research is conducted on behalf of our clients.

Your opinions on key topics will affect your industry!

Your input will be shared with industry thought leaders who influence wine and wine related products.

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After you complete a short survey, you’ll have the opportunity to jump into a chat discussion group to toss around opinions and ideas with leaders in your field.

Spotlight report:

As a participant in a survey, you’ll have access to the resulting report, which will give you insight into upcoming trends and products.

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